A 5 Miler that's all BEAST!

All good things start with the first step!

All good things start with the first step….but most good things start with a “crazy” idea….this one came shortly after the Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission (HESC) decided to relocate some of its operations to 47 acres of rolling Hunterdon Hills, nestled at the top of Ken Lockwood Gorge and the Columbia Trail!  With a picturesque landscape, a fully stocked and stream-fed pond, and postcard worth views, it wouldn’t be fair to keep this little slice of heaven a secret!  And so, in conjunction with BaseCamp 31, a not-for-profit with a mission of community health, the Beautiful Beast Race Series was born to bring together people who enjoy the beautiful trails of Hunterdon County….the crushed gravel and sounds of the Columbia trail and the serene setting of Ken Lockwood Gorge….and take them up above with views that would make any nature photographer green with envy!  There’s just one catch….to get there, it’s a BEAST of a climb….up Hoffman’s Crossing….a hill fit for any King (or Queen)!  And so, the “Beautiful Beast” was born….and just like our athletes who conquer it…..our hope is that in producing this event, we can raise much-needed funds in support of the fight against another formidable beast…addiction.

Join us on June 5, 2021, for our 1 mile, 5k, or 15k races and our 4th annual event…come ready…come prepared…the Beast awaits!